Our Company

EPS is focused on the development and delivery of optimized electrical power systems that promote the appreciation of the concepts of conservation and rational use of energy, through the implementation of the principles of reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

HOME PAGE 1The company itself is organized around an extremely slender and agile structure, centered on customer service. EPS conducts its business globally from its headquarters in Southern California, USA. Its main marketing efforts are focused on the Latin American region from a regional office near Mexico City, and on the Asian and African regions from a regional office in Thailand. EPS has developed an important number of specialized local commercial channels in each country served in order to deliver a significant and effective support to its customers, as well as to optimize costs and services.

EPS´s main interest and objective is to develop integrated solutions that are reliable, efficient and sustainable for our customers. Aware of the multiple regional singularities, the company is mainly focused in developing systems designed to be integrated on the field together with its local partners and channels, using very flexible and powerful basic components from the most globally recognized manufacturers in each specialty. In some cases, these same vendors provide especial and exclusive components engineered by and for EPS and its customers.

HOME PAGE 3cThe power solutions that EPS promotes and commercializes are centered on assuring operational continuity for the customer (reliability), on functional optimization of its equipment, installations and work methods in order to operate at the least possible energetic cost (efficiency), and on the promotion of sensible care and concern for the environment through the use of renewable energy sources and the rational consumption of electricity (sustainability).

From the market´s point of view, EPS enjoys recognized expertise and very robust capabilities in applications related to the fields of telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, and general service enterprises, with concentration on the finance and educational sectors. In addition, EPS has developed an important family of turnkey products and systems targeted to HOME PAGE 2residential and commercial applications, which offer great flexibility and adaptability.